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50 Yılı Üyeliği Aşan Şirket Plaketi-İstanbul Ticaret Odası
Given to our Institution by Istanbul Chamber of Commerce
50 Years Membership Appreciation Plaque - 2004

“Limasollu Naci Publishing”, an educational publishing company that focuses on language learning, was established by Naci Limasollu in 1954 as the first of its kind in Turkey.


In the early years, “Limasollu Naci Publishing” sent correspondence courses to students via mail. These comprised of selected passages from books containing lessons to be learned. Then, tests were mailed to the students, who sent them back for correction after completing them and received the graded copy afterwards. At the time, this new type of business was a reason for celebration, especially as it was extremely successful.


Initially, Limasollu Naci Publishing started with about 5–10 students. This number rapidly increased to, 10,000 students within a few years. In 1954, just one year after its founding, the company offered Turkey’s first foreign language course on the famous Istiklal Street in Beyoglu, İstanbul. Other courses were subsequently provided in the Cihangir and Sisli districts of İstanbul.


Naci Limasollu - 1983 İngilizce Yaz Okulunda Öğrencileriyle   Akbük / Muğla
Naci Limasollu - With his students at the 1983 English Summer School, Akbük / Muğla

Additionally, the company established summer schools advertised as English- speaking camps, located at first in Abana, a beautiful town on the Karadeniz (Black Sea) coast. The camps were later offered in Bodrum Karatoprak (Turgut Reis), Akbuk and Antalya. The thousands of students who attended the camps continue to hold happy memories of their experiences. The summer schools are currently organized by several newer companies in various parts of Turkey. In addition, between 1973 and 1991, Limasollu Publishing founded an English-language summer school in Kessingland, near Lowestoft in England.


Today we are connected with companies all over the world in the fields of language learning and distance education.


With the recent advancements in technology namely, computers and ‘distance education’, our company has progressed as a provider of correspondence courses. Internet access and improved technology will enable us to offer our students even more opportunities for successful language learning in the near future.


Limasollu Naci Publishing, currently has English, German, Russian and Spanish self-study language sets that offer students the head start they deserve in language learning.


Tunç Limasollu, Ayten Keçeci, Hans de Korte
Tunç Limasollu, Ayten Keçeci, Hans de Korte

Tunç Limasollu

Limasollu Naci
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