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9. Sınıf İngilizce Testleri ve Cevapları

9. Sınıf İngilizce testleri ve cevapları, okul İngilizce dersindeki müfredata uyumlu şekilde hazırlanmıştır. Konular ve kelimeler okul İngilizcesi ile paraleldir. Toplam 25 sorudan oluşmaktadır. Soru tipi çoktan seçmeli sistemde hazırlanmıştır. Tüm soruların cevaplarını sayfamızın altında bulunan cevap anahtarı bölümünde görebilirsiniz. Eğlenceli çalışmalar dileriz.

John: What have you got in your bag?
Amy : ____________________.


1. What is the best option to complete the dialogue above?

A) This is an English-Turkish dictionary
B) There is one near here
C) A wallet, a mobile phone, and an umbrella
D) All the students have different files
E) I’m a student at a college



Berk: Hello! My name is Berk. What is your name?
Kerem: Hi! I’m Kim. __________
Berk: Me, too.


2. What is the best option to complete the dialogue above?

A) Nice to meet you!
B) See you later. 
C) How are you?
D) Thank you.    
E) Bye.



Hilal: Excuse me, ____________
Murat: Go along this street and take the first turning. It is on your left.


3. Which option is the best option according to the dialogue above?

A) how can I be a successful person? 
B) how can I get to the hospital?
C) can I borrow your telephone?
D) thank you so much!
E) why are you talking to me?



4. Which of the following option is different from the others?


A) Library
B) Clothes shop
C) Grocery store
D) Supermarket
E) Newspaper



My neighbour is__________ than me, so she takes me to different places.


5. What is the best option to complete the sentence above?

A) more talkative
B) more happy
C) more powerful
D) more social
E) effective



Cemal: How about seeing the Lord Of The Rings on Saturday?
Meltem: _________ because I have to finish my biology project.


6. Choose the best option for the blank.

A) I’d love to watch it with you
B) I’ll definitely be there on time
C) I’m sorry, I can’t,
D) What a good idea
E) That sounds great



Cüneyt hates horror films because they ________________.


7. Choose the best option for the blank.

A) teach many things about our universe
B) have unreal and frightening images
C) are making him happy
D) are entertaining enough to laugh
E) are interesting




8. What is the definition of the word which is given above?


A) You see this person in a pharmacy.
B) This person is a dresser.
C) Sezen Aksu is an example of this job.
D) This person can make wonderful cakes.
E) This person coordinates the finances, actors, and directing of the movie. 



I really like going to ________because it gives me peace and joy.


9. Choose the best option for the blank according to the sentence and image.

A) waterfall
B) valley
C) hill
D) jungle
E) sea



I ______ fishing. I can wait for a fish all day because it’s very peaceful. 


10. Choose the best option for the blank.

A) can’t
B) don’t like
C) really like
D) hate
E) didn’t



Metin: ________________?
Ceyda: It’s Aziz Sancar. He won the 2015 Nobel prize in chemistry.


11. Which option is the best option according to the dialogue above?

A) Who did you meet yesterday
B) Who is your inspiring person
C) Who is your favorite football player
D) Who is your favorite actor/actress
E) Who is your favorite celebrity



He is a _______ person because he always tells us the truth.


12. Choose the best option for the blank.

A) selfish
B) modest
C) funny
D) honest
E) helpful



Meltem: Usain Bolt has got a natural talent for sports. He is the fastest 100 m runner of all time. I think he is the best athlete ever.

Deniz : ____________. His records are unbeatable.


13. Choose the best option for the blank.

A) I totally disagree with you
B) I think he is not a great person
C) That’s wrong information
D) I would say the exact opposite
E) I completely agree with you



Cemre: Hi! __________________?
Customer service: Hi! It will cost 300$ per person.


14. Which option is suitable for the blank?

A) How can I go to London
B) When is the next flight to London
C) How much will it cost to London 
D) Where is the nearest bank
E) How can I make the payment



15. Which sentence is not used in a restaurant?

A) We are not ready to travel now.
B) The bill, please.
C) How much is the lunch?
D) I’d like to have some soup to start.
E) I’d like to have a starter.




Ebru: I’m not sure but I think in 2600 BC.


16. Which option is suitable for the blank?

A) Where did they build the Pyramids of Giza
B) When did they build the Pyramids of Giza
C) Who built the Pyramids of Giza
D) Did you see the Pyramids of Giza
E) How long did it last to build the Pyramids of Giza 



Cem: What do you know about the Great Wall of China?

Gamze: ____________________.

Cem: That’s great!


17. Which option is suitable for the empty section of the dialogue?

A) Chinese people are great.
B) It is a huge iron statue on an island.
C) It was not that big.
D) The Chinese built it to protect their country from enemy attacks.
E) I don’t know anything about it.



18. Which of the following is not a health problem?

A) Toothache
B) Fever
C) Flu
D) Headache
E) Medication



When you get a cut in your hand, you ___________.


19. Choose the best option according to the sentence.

A) should take vitamin A
B) should go to school 
C) should apply a band-aid
D) should eat chicken soup
E) should leave the house



Doctor: Please have a seat. How can I help you?
Patient: I am not well. My throat is dry and I can’t stop coughing.
Doctor : I see. ______________?
Patient: Two days ago.


20. Which option is suitable for the blank?

A) Who did you see last time
B) When did you start coughing
C) How did this happen
D) Is there any people that you can contact
E) Don’t worry you will be okay



Arda: It’s Burak’s birthday on Friday and we are organizing a surprise party for him. ____________?

Tuna: I’d love to but I am very busy that night. I am very sorry.

21. Fill in the blank with a suitable option.
A) Would you like to join us
B) Are you going to be okay 
C) Would you like to give a party
D) Do you want to buy new clothes
E) Did you see the invitation card



Şeyma: It’s Murat’s birthday next week.
Mert: ______________
Şeyma: That’s great! Let’s do that.


22. Which option is suitable for the blank?

A) Is he going to accept your invitation?
B) Can I close the door?
C) What should we do?
D) I don’t know him.
E) Shall we buy him a gift?



23. Which one is not a celebration event?

A) New job celebration
B) Party place
C) Wedding anniversary
D) Graduation
E) Birthday



Yasmin: I believe computers will replace teachers in the future.

Ali: _____________ but a computer can never understand the feelings of students.

John: I couldn’t agree more.


24. . Fill in the blank with a suitable option.

A) You are making a mistake
B) That’s not right 
C) I completely disagree with you
D) You have a point 
E) For me



Cem: It seems that___________.
Hasan: Well, that’s exactly how I feel because we destroy all the rainforests.


25. Which option is suitable for the blank?

A) the world will be better than today
B) we won’t need alternative energy sources
C) there will be a drought in the future
D) people don’t understand the game
E) people will be happier




1.C     7.B     13.E    19.C  25.C
2.A     8.E     14.C    20.B
3.B     9.A     15.A    21.A
4.E     10.C   16.B    22.E
5.D     11.B   17.D    23.B
6.C     12.D   18.E    24.D



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