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8. Sınıf LGS İngilizce Testleri ve Cevapları

8. Sınıf LGS İngilizce LGS testleri ve cevapları, okul İngilizce dersindeki müfredata uyumlu şekilde hazırlanmıştır. Konular ve kelimeler okul İngilizcesi ile paraleldir. Toplam 25 sorudan oluşmaktadır. Soru tipi çoktan seçmeli sistemde hazırlanmıştır. Tüm soruların cevaplarını sayfamızın altında bulunan cevap anahtarı bölümünde görebilirsiniz. Eğlenceli çalışmalar dileriz.



I can always trust Jack because he is _________.


1. Yukarıdaki cümlede boşluğa gelebilecek kelime aşağıdakilerden hangisidir?

A) my best friend
B) very sneaky
C) not my buddy
D) unreliable



Tuna: __________________
Ayşe: No, I have nothing to do.
Tuna: I’m going to the theatre with Ali and Burak at 8 p.m. Would you like to join us?
Ayşe: I’d like to. I love watching plays.


2. What is the best option to complete the dialogue above?

A) Would you like to do something together?
B) Shall we go to the theatre with Jack and John?
C) Why don’t you join us?
D) Are you doing anything today?    



Ahmet: There is a great science fiction movie tomorrow afternoon. How about going to it together?
Berkay: I’d love to, but I’m going to go on a picnic with my family.
Kaan: I’m so busy but I can’t refuse it. Because I like sci-fi movies so much.
Aslı: That sounds great. I will enjoy being with you.


3. Which option is TRUE according to the dialogue above?

A) Aslı invites her friends to a movie today.
B) Kaan misses his chance.
C) Berkay has an excuse.
D) Ahmet doesn’t accept the invitation.



I have 4 best friends; Aysu, Bilge, Cemre, and Damla. We all love camping in the summer. Camping is a very relaxing activity. Every summer, we go to Şile to camp. We take our basic equipment such as rope, pocketknife, torch and sleeping bags. We share our duties at the camp. Damla and Cemre pitch our tents. I burn a campfire with matches. Bilge and Aysu prepare meals every day. During the day, we enjoy the camp activities.


4. According to the text, which of the following question DOES NOT have an answer?

A) What do they need for camping?
B) What are the names of all of the teens in
the camp?
C) What do they need for camping?
D) What are their responsibilities in the camp?



Martin: Do you like Rock Music?
Carla: No. I don't like it very much.
Martin: Why?
Carla: Because____________


5. What is the best option to complete the dialogue above?

A) I love it.
B) I think it is beautiful.
C) It’s great.
D) I can't stand it.



Emel: What do you need for the cake?
Melisa: ______________


6. Choose the best option for the blank.

A) First, pour it into a pan.
B) It’s very delicious.
C) You need some milk, an egg, and baking powder.
D) I know how to make a cake.



I. After that fry them in a pan.
II. First, chop the onions, peppers, and tomatoes.
III.Before serving, crack two eggs into the pan.
IV.Then add salt and some spice.


7. Put the sentences into the correct order.




Kelly: May I speak to Ted, please?
John: Sorry.____________ Would you like to leave a message?


8. Choose the best option for the blank.

A) Don't hang up, please. I will put you through.
B) He is not available at the moment.
C) Hold on please, I'll get him.
D) Hang on a minute.



I. Yes. Hang on a minute. I'll get her.
II. Not bad. I need help with my school project. Is Lucy at home?
III. Hi, Kate. What's up?
IV. Hello. Kate is speaking.


9. Put the sentences into the correct order.




He ______________.He can't stop surfing the Internet. He is always online.


10. Fill in the blank with a suitable expression.

A) hates social media.
B) is an Internet addict.
C) is a good Internet user.
D) logs in his account rarely.



Hi! I'm Deniz. I have a mobile phone and a computer. I'm interested in the Internet. I am reading a book called "How to make a mobile application". I use the Internet to learn coding skills because I want to make mobile apps. It is my hobby and I like it.


11 Which one is true according to the text?

A) He uses social media in his free time.
B) Deniz likes watching videos on the Internet.
C) He is addicted to the Internet.
D) He likes making applications.




I ____________ do outdoor sports than do safe sports.


12. Choose the best option for the blank.

A) would rather
B) am interested in
C) prefer
D) can’t



I think windsurfing is the__________sport in the world.


13. Choose the best option for the blank.

A) more exciting
B) exciting
C) most exciting
D) excited 



I was in Italy last summer. I visited the Pisa Tower and I liked the scenery very much. They were incredible. In my opinion ___________.

14. Which option is suitable for the blank?

A) I prefer going to the seaside.
B) Everybody should see them.
C) I didn't like it much
D) It was not very nice.



7 days, 6 nights
Daily breakfast and hotel.
Cost per person: 600 Euro
Call: +302223344
From: 20 August To 26 August


15. Which one is correct according to the text?

A) It is an invitation card for a celebration.
B) It is a one-week tour.
C) The tour takes place in winter.
D) It costs less than 1000 Euros for one person.


Don't forget to water the flowers. It is your___________.


16. Choose the best option for the blank. 

A) responsibility
B) homework
C) in charge of
D) family



I don't like the washing up, but I__________ it. Because my wife is ill at the moment.


17. Which option is suitable for the blank?

A) mustn't do
B) love
C) have to do
D) disagree



18. Which of the following is a responsibility in a classroom?


A) Doing the laundry
B) Raising your hand to speak
C) Going shopping
D) Ironing the clothes



Mr. Kıvanç was a successful scientist. He found new techniques while___________________


19. Choose the best option according to the sentence.

A) he is doing research now.
B) he must work hard.
C) he prefers talk shows.
D) he was working in his lab.



Newton was a hardworking ________, but he didn't have _________devices such as telescopes.


20. Which option is suitable for the blanks?

A) well know / equipment
B) experiment / cure
C) genius / high-tech
D) invention / electrical



The ________of the experiment is interesting, but the scientists are still working on it.


21. Fill in the blank with a suitable option.
A) results
B) fossils
C) developed
D) worker



The Earth is heating. This has changed the climate. Now we can see extreme weather conditions such as drought, floods, and storms.


22. What is he talking about?

A) Solar energy 
B) Global warming
C) Nuclear waste
D) Wind energy



23. Which one is not a natural disaster?


A) Forest fire
B) Volcanic eruption
C) Survivors
D) Tsunami



Sevim: Does your family have a plan for earthquakes?
Melek: Yes,______________


24. Fill in the blank with the suitable option

A) we don't think there will be an earthquake here.
B) we have prepared an emergency kit.
C) we use public transport.
D) I am afraid of avalanches.



I'm Ömer. I am an activist to protect our planet. Many people are destroying forests and polluting nature. This causes many disasters in the world. Everybody should learn to protect The Earth, so we must teach this in schools. I think we all must be careful with the environment.


25. Which is NOT correct according to the text?

A) He is an activist to save our planet.
B) He thinks there are many disasters.
C) Ömer doesn't like pollution.
D) He doesn't care about nature and our planet.




1.A     7.A       13.C    19.D  25.D
2.D     8.B       14.B     20.C
3.C     9.D       15.D     21.A
4.B     10.B      16.A    22.B 
5.D     11.D      17.C    23.C
6.C     12.A      18.B    24.B    


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