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12. Sınıf İngilizce Testleri ve Cevapları

12. Sınıf İngilizce  testleri ve cevapları, okul İngilizce dersindeki müfredata uyumlu şekilde hazırlanmıştır. Konular ve kelimeler okul İngilizcesi ile paraleldir. Toplam 25 sorudan oluşmaktadır. Soru tipi çoktan seçmeli sistemde hazırlanmıştır. Tüm soruların cevaplarını sayfamızın altında bulunan cevap anahtarı bölümünde görebilirsiniz. Eğlenceli çalışmalar dileriz.

.....After eighteen years, the musical, Phantom of the Opera, has become the longest-running show in Broadway history. It is also among the most successful entertainment productions of any kind ever. Across the world, Phantom is calculated to have made three-point two billion dollars. Compare that to the highest-grossing Hollywood movie, Titanic, which grossed less than half of that figure. Phantom originally opened to mixed reviews, but eighteen years later it is still playing to big audiences every night.


1. The main idea of the passage is that_____

A) many people still want to watch the Titanic.
B) the Phantom of the Opera is more expensive than Titanic.
C) broadway is the heart of the music industry
D) some musicals are not very successful and long-running.
E) the Phantom of the Opera is the longest-running musical.



When you go to İstanbul, you can____pictures in front of a mosque and get inside the building, but first, you must____ your shoes off.


2. What is the best option to complete the sentence above?

A) take / take
B) take / go
C) put / leave
D) took/watch
E) avoid / take


One of your friends, Tuncay, says he has difficulty concentrating and cannot overcome it alone.


3. What advice would you give him?

A) Play the guitar 
B) Play online video games
C) See a therapist 
D) Read books
E) Go for a picnic


Elif never tells the truth whereas Hülya is a reliable person, so_________________


4. What is the best option to complete the sentence above?

A) Elif is more polite than Hülya.
B) Hülya is more honest than Elif.
C) they have similar personalities.
D) Elif loves people very much.
E) Elif is more talkative than Hülya.



________is a special law that protects one’s own artistic creations and writings; others cannot make copies without permission.


5. What is the best option to complete the sentence above?

A) Permission
B) Slavery
C) Assembly
D) Copyright
E) Freedom




Anna: That’s a great idea! Any suggestions about the country?

Melike: Well, I want to visit Australia. We can go there.


6. Choose the correct option to complete the sentence.

A) Why don’t we attend a student exchange program
B) Why do you always prefer Australia on your vacations
C) How much will it cost a trip to Norway
D) Where will you stay when you go to Australia 
E) Shall we go on a foreign holiday this year


Although studies have shown there is much we can do to control AIDS,______________. 


7. Choose the best options for the blank according to the sentence.

A) medicine is very advanced nowadays
B) at present there is no cure for it
C) it is a forgotten disease of the past
D) herbs and a healthy diet can protect us
E) there are efficient vaccines against it



It seems that we______ a shortage of water in the upcoming year as the water in the dams is inadequate.


8. Choose the best options for the blank according to the sentence.

A) would have
B) are going to have
C) will have
D) had
E) have


I. Really? Well, what time does it start?

II. Yes. I heard it's going to be fun.

III. Still thinking about it. Are you?

IV. It starts at 8 p.m. and I really think you should go.

V. Are you going to the party on Saturday?


9. Read the dialogue between Sinan and Tuna and put the sentences into the correct order.

A) V - II - III - IV - I
B) III - I - IV - II - V
C) III - II - I - V - IV
D) V - III - II - I - IV
E) I - III - V - II - IV


.........Although many young people use computers in a creative way, surveys suggest that they may experience psychological problems such as loneliness, isolation, and depression. The main reason for these problems is the time allocated to computers. Psychologists advise parents to limit the time spent on the Net and to devote more time to physical activities and imaginative plays. They also say that family gatherings and short holidays without computers may be a good way to socialize their children. There are also advice centers whose aim is to inform parents about using the computer in a balanced way.


10.According to the passage in order to make their children more social, parents_______

A) should go online, too.
B) should talk to psychologists.
C) should tell their children to use computers creatively.
D) shouldn't let their children spend time on their own.
E) should organize family activities to spend more time with their children.


If your transcript_____ in English, you ____ translate it.


11. Which option is the best option according to the sentence above?

A) isn't / must
B) weren't / will
C) have to be / ought to
D) won't be / will
E) hadn't been / would



If your sister hurts her leg in a home accident, you must________.


12. Choose the best option for the blank.

A) pour water onto the curtains
B) not move her and must call the doctor at once
C) give her aspirin as a painkiller
D) panic and don’t try to help her
E) call the police


Kelly: _____ the most important historic building in Istanbul is?

Oğuz: There are many and all of them have great importance in our history so I can't tell you just one.


13. Which options are suitable for the blank according to the dialogue above?

A) Could you do me a favor to find
B) Do you mind if I ask whom
C) Would you please ask where
D) Would you please tell me what
E) I wish you knew who



.........It was a sunny summer Sunday. As usual, we got up late, had breakfast lazily, and decided not to spend the whole day at home. We prepared some sandwiches and went for a picnic by the lake. While my husband was driving the car,_________________.


14. Choose the appropriate statement to complete the sentence.

A) he was getting out of the car immediately.
B) our little daughter and I were singing songs together.
C) they wore a heavy jacket and sunglasses.
D) I panicked and started to scream.
E) they were watching a horror film together.



15. Which one of the options is different from the others?


A) Meanwhile
B) At the beginning
C) Following this event
D) Finally
E) However


(I) Solar power is the conversion of energy from sunlight into electricity. (II) Hydropower is the largest producer of alternative energy in the world. (III)  It comes from the potential energy of dammed water driving a water turbine and generator. (IV) The stations capture the kinetic energy of moving water and give mechanical energy to turbines. (V) The moving turbines then convert mechanical energy into electrical energy through generators.


16.Read the text and find the irrelevant sentence.
A) V
E) I



.......Nowadays, everyone is discussing about the effects of electronic media on our society. As it has become an ordinary part of daily life, it has had such an unrecoverable and profound effect on family relationships that there are no longer family rituals to help build family ties. Regarding these reasons, the scientist strongly advise not to overuse electronic media because it lessens the interaction and happiness among family members.


It is pointed out in the passage that social media______.

17. Choose the best option for the blank according to the paragraph.

A) is doing irreparable harms
B) has profoundly changed everything in the world
C) is building family ties
D) has a good effect on mankind
E) is not inevitable for families



We cannot keep using _____forever because they are non-renewable energy sources. We should prefer alternative energy sources like solar energy or wind energy.

18. What is the best option to complete the paragraph above?

A) geothermal energy
B) wind energy
C) fossil fuels
D) ocean energy
E) biomass energy


Okulları teknolojiyi kullanmak için yaratıcı yollar bulmaya teşvik etmeliyiz. 


19. What is the English translation of this sentence?

A) We should encourage people to find creative ways to use technology in schools.
B) We should encourage schools to find creative ways to use technology. 
C) Schools must encourage people to find creative ways to use technology.
D) Schools should be encouraged to find creative ways to use technology.
E) Using technology must be encouraged by schools to find creative ways.



Sally: We cannot lock the door. The lockset needs (I) ………. .

John: OK, honey. I’ll get it (II) ………..

Sally: And this table, dear... We cannot use it because it is not steady.

John: Hmm! We should get them (III) ………. by a craftsman.


20. Which words are suitable for the blanks?

A) changed - changing - repaired 
B) changes - changes - repaired
C) change - changing - repair
D) changing - changed - repaired
E) changing - changes - repairs



Can you think of any words which are_____ technology?


21. Choose the correct option to fill in the blank.
A) related to
B) cut down
C) fed up with
D) insisted on
E) brought up



(I) It is a well-known fact that computers are very important for students to learn faster and develop their creativity. (II) Even if computers are useful, teachers shouldn’t be replaced by computers. (III) For this reason, private schools in the USA make extensive use of computers by setting up computer labs for their students. (IV) Some public schools, on the other hand, find it very expensive to establish such laboratories. (V) That is why they cannot enjoy the benefits of using computer technology in education.


22. Read the text and find the irrelevant sentence.

A) I
E) V



23. Which of the following sentences supports the importance of manners in society?


A) Human life has become too much varied and busy today to be careful about those things.
B) People should behave as they wish not as the others wish.
C) The basis of modern society is communication and good communication requires manners.
D) Manners are not sincere at all because they are the things we have decided on.
E) The ways of being understanding today are not similar to those in the past.


Ecenaz shouldn't have talked to her boss in such a rude manner yesterday, I think she couldn't hide her feelings.


24. Which one of the options has the closest meaning to the given sentence?

A) The reason why Ecenaz talked to her boss so rudely yesterday is the feeling she had for her boss.
B) Ecenaz mustn't have talked to her boss so angry that the boss couldn't avoid his anger easily yesterday.
C) Ecenaz can't have talked to her boss in such a rude way yesterday because she can easily avoid her feelings.
D) Her boss shouldn't have talked to Ecenaz in such a rude way, she may not have avoided getting angry.
E) The way Ecenaz talked to her boss yesterday is wrong and she wasn't able to prevent her feelings.



25. Read the situations and manners. Which option does not have an example of a bad manner?


A) You couldn’t sleep well last night and you are so sleepy now. Your teacher is making a presentation and you are yawning.

B) You went to a restaurant with your friend and saw one of your workmates there. You invited him to your table, but then you whispered to your friend because you didn’t want him hear some of the things you were talking about.

C) You and your husband went to the hospital to visit one of your neighbors who had had surgery lately. You are looking for the room and speaking to your husband in a low voice.

D) Your grandfather visits you and you are just back from school. You feel tired and you want to have a rest and listen to music. You go directly to your room and don’t say hi to him.

E) One of your colleagues offered you to have lunch together. You ordered a pizza. You don’t like eating it with a knife and fork. So, you ate it with your bare hands.




1.E      7.B     13.D     19.B  25.C
2.A      8.C     14.B     20.D
3.C      9.D     15.E     21.A
4.B     10.E     16.E     22.B
5.D     11.A     17.A     23.C
6.E     12.B     18.C     24.E


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