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10. Sınıf İngilizce Testleri ve Cevapları

10. Sınıf İngilizce testleri ve cevapları, okul İngilizce dersindeki müfredata uyumlu şekilde hazırlanmıştır. Konular ve kelimeler okul İngilizcesi ile paraleldir. Toplam 25 sorudan oluşmaktadır. Soru tipi çoktan seçmeli sistemde hazırlanmıştır. Tüm soruların cevaplarını sayfamızın altında bulunan cevap anahtarı bölümünde görebilirsiniz. Eğlenceli çalışmalar dileriz.


Erol: Everything is fine.


1. What is the best option to complete the dialogue above?

A) Erol are you there
B) How old are you
C) Why did you go to a party 
D) Erol, are you there
E) How are things Erol



Burak: _______________? 
Kenan: She’s a housewife.


2. What is the best option to complete the dialogue above?

A) Where does she work
B) What does your mother do
C) Are you from a large family
D) What does your father do
E) Where do you work



 Hilal: Why don’t we go to the funfair on Friday afternoon?

Murat: _________, but I’m going to help Bill with his homework.


3. Which option is the best option according to the dialogue above?

A) Good idea
B) That’s a good idea
C) Yeah, why not
D) I’m sorry
E) Great



August is the month ____ the Chinese call "the month of the hungry ghosts".


4. What is the best option to complete the sentence above?

A) when
B) what
C) which
D) where
E) how



Hilal: ________________________?
Ceren: I’m going to be a computer engineer. I think I’ll work for Microsoft in 10 years from now.


5. What is the best option to complete the dialogue above?

A) Have you got any plans for this evening?
B) What are your plans for next Sunday?
C) How about tomorrow afternoon?
D) Are you free this evening?
E) What are your plans for the future?




My father and I______in France last weekend. Firstly, we____ to Paris on Saturday and then, we______ to Cannes by train on Sunday.


6. Choose the best option for the blanks.

A) were / flew / went
B) were / flow / went
C) was / flied / went
D) was / flew / went
E) was / flew / go



(I) Yesterday, Can was driving home. (II) Suddenly, a little girl stepped on the road. (III) She was very cute. (IV) He immediately put on the brakes. (V) Luckily, the child was safe.


7. Which sentence does not fit the paragraph?

A) I
E) V



My mother_____ sports regularly in the past, but now she is too lazy.


8. Choose the best option for the blank according to the sentence.

A) didn’t use to do
B) used to do
C) used to give
D) didn’t use to be 
E) used to create



In Ancient China, the girls_____ to school; instead, they worked in the fields. But today, almost all of the girls ________to school and have good jobs.


9. Choose the best option for the blanks according to the given information.

A) went / went 
B) used to go/go
C) didn't use to go/used to go 
D) didn't use to go/go
E) went/used to went




I. In ancient Egypt, people used hieroglyphs to write and read.

II. In ancient times, people used a compass to find their ways and directions.

III. Most of the ancient people became warriors to fight in the battles.

IV. Pharaohs ruled most of the Egyptian cities about 6,000 years ago.

V. Ancient Greek children used an abacus to develop their language skills.


10. Which bold word above is wrong in meaning?

A) I
E) V



Cemre: Yesterday, we went to the cinema. The film was moving and emotional. When the film ended,_____________.


11. Which option is the best option according to the sentence above?

A) everybody was crying
B) somebody was making a phone call
C) they were talking
D) a boy was running
E) my boyfriend was laughing



Cemil: I’d like to book a ticket for 19th June.
Booking Clerk: Certainly, sir. What is  your________?
Cemil: Amsterdam.


12. Choose the best option for the blank.

A) flight
B) identification number
C) destination
D) flight number
E) job



I. Go through passport control.

II. Board the plane.

III. Arrive at the airport.

IV. Wait for your plane in the departure lounge.

V. Check-in your luggage and get a boarding pass.


13. Put the sentences in the correct order.

A) III - IV - V - II - I
B) III - V - I - IV - II
C) V - I - III - IV - II
D) V - IV - III - I - II
E) II - III - IV - V - I



____________before you hand in your project. It must be well organized and legible writing.


14. Complete the first part of the sentence above according to the given information.

A) You should do more training
B) You should have a cup of coffee
C) You should take a break
D) You should check your spelling
E) You should explain the reason



If you come early enough,_______________.


15. Choose the best option for the blank according to the sentence.

A) you'll be very late for the train
B) you'll have nothing to eat
C) we'll be able to finish our project
D) they’ll be angry
E) you'll find nobody in the office    



Could you please turn off your mobile phone? You_______talk on the phone at the cinema. You_______ turn it off. 


16.Which options are suitable for the blanks?

A) mustn't / had better
B) ought to / mustn't
C) must / must
D) should / shouldn't
E) had better not / mustn't



In Turkey, national festivals are celebrated in cities and towns with the participation of cultural dancers. Drums and zurnas are played at the celebrations. In Anatolia, small towns have their own folk dances, but in big cities like Istanbul or Ankara, ceremonies turn into a festival of folk dancing. Also, in many places on national holidays, wrestling matches or races are held after the official ceremonies.


17. According to the passage, in big cities___________.

A) fests are only celebrated by dancers 
B) different folk dances are shown
C) people don’t come to fests
D) drums are played after dance shows
E) official ceremonies are not organized



She has got good computer skills____ she can build lots of different applications.


18. What is the best option to complete the sentence above?

A) but
B) however
C) because
D) after
E) so



I. Jack bought a tablet_____ was very expensive.

II. The people________ were in the hospital were very scared.

III. This is the girl________mother is from England.

IV. A resort is the place _______ people stay when they are on holiday.


19. Read the sentences and fill in the blanks with suitable words.

A) which-where-whose-who
B) who-which-whose-where
C) which-whose-where-who
D) whose-who-which-where
E) which-who-whose-where



Davut: Mert always drives me crazy. I really don’t like him.

Leyla:_________. He is just a funny person.


20. Which option is suitable for the blank?

A) He is always doing the same mistake.
B) Fine with me
C) I disagree with you
D) All is the same
E) You are funny



If I had a chance, I would be Batman because he is__________.


21. Which option is NOT suitable according to the sentence?
A) brave
B) honest
C) ambitious
D) strong
E) weak




If Selin_______her key, she______ into the house instead of waiting here.


22. Which options are suitable for the blanks?

A) will have/goes
B) had / would go
C) has / would go
D) have / go
E) had / went




The superhero completed the mission and vanished in seconds, so the victims couldn't even thank him for his help.


23. Choose the closest meaning of the underlined word.

A) Disappeared
B) Came
C) Arrived    
D) Approached
E) Appeared




24. Which one can be the disadvantage of online shopping?


A) No long lines at payment
B) Returning the product freely
C) Untiring shopping
D) Receiving a damaged product 
E) Deliveries soon



The Eskimos live near the northern polar regions. The weather is always freezing there. So, they have to wear thick clothes. But, people in the deserts have to wear loose clothes. Because the weather is always sweltering.

The Eskimos___________.


25. Circle the correct option to complete the sentence.

A) are healthier than people in the desert
B) live in better circumstances than people in the desert
C) feel happier than people in the desert
D) are more interested in clothes than people in the desert
E) need warmer clothes than people in the desert




1.E      7.C        13.B     19.D  25.E
2.B      8.B        14.D     20.C
3.D      9.D        15.C     21.E
4.C      10.E      16.A     22.B
5.E      11.A      17.B     23.A
6.A      12.C      18.E     24.D 



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